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  1. virginia hall says:

    I am looking for a Historical Society in your town that may help with questions.
    I want to come to your town to research the death of my great grandmother in 1885 or early 1886. Was wondering if some department there may have death records that was not sent to the state that early.
    Would the Health Department keep record of that back then. Or how would I go about it.

  2. Bruce Yeager says:

    In the fall of 2010 your library assisted the Tennessee Valley Authority, an independent federal agency, in making the subject draft environmental document available for public inspection. In response to public and agency comments received, TVA has revised the document and is re-releasing it for an additional 15-day period of public review. We are requesting that upon receipt the hard copy and CD of the document be made available in your library for that period. More detailed information is provided in the letter accompanying the document. If you have any questions, please contact me at one of the addresses or numbers below. Thanks.

    Bruce Yeager
    NEPA Program Manager
    Tennessee Valley Authority
    WT 11D-K
    Tele: (865)-632-8051
    FAX: (865) 632-2345
    e-mail: [email protected]

  3. admin says:


    You might try contacting the Elk County Courthouse.

  4. Gordon Springer says:


    I’m working on my family history, I would like a copy of an obituary for the following two people.

    Fannie E. Hartwell Johnson was born on April 11, 1856 in Illinois. She died on December 3, 1899 in rural Howard, Kansas. Fannie’s buried at Grace Lawn Cemetery in Howard, Kansas.

    I would like a copy of Fannie Johnson’s obituary. Do you have death records? I know your courthouse burned down in 1906. If you do have death records, I would like a copy of hers.

    William Johnson was born on October 13, 1823 in Prussia. He died on November 27, 1893, in rural Howard, Kansas, visiting his son William Johnson Jr. and his family, his wife is Fannie Johnson. He’s buried at Mount Hope Cemetery in Huntington, Indiana.

    I would like a copy of William Johnson’s obituary.

    You could send me the information by an email attachment if you want to, whatever your policy is let me know the cost.

    Thank you,

    Gordon Springer

  5. Cynthia Little says:

    I am the Great Granddaughter of Henry A. Wolford who lived in Elk Falls, KS after the Civil War. Actually he enlisted in Indiana and moved to Elk County shortly after the War. I purchased his Civil War Pension records from the National Archives. Today, I found his name on for the “Kansas, Grand Army of the Republic Post Reports, 1880-1940 for Henry Wolford” as a member of the E.M. Stanton post in Elk Falls, KS.” Henry is on line 10 and his brother-in-law, Jacob Eley is listed on line 11. I had not known of the Grand Army of the Republic Post Reports before. Do you have records on the GAR or the Stanton Post?

    Henry was married to Sarah Jane Eley in Ottawa on 6/22/1868. The Wolford name was sometimes spelled Woolford. I found one reference in the Elk County Forum Pioneer Days under Howard, “First child born in this neighborhood was to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Woolford in 1869. His name was James.” Sarah died 3/28/1881 just 6 weeks after giving birth to their son Harley in Elk Falls. I cannot find Sarah’s death record. Do you have an obituary? I do not know where she was buried, it may now be unmarked. Henry Woolford remarried to Sarah’s sister, the widow Elizabeth Eley Glidden in Elk County in October 1893.

    I would greatly appreciate information you may have relating to Wolford (Woolford) or Eley. I did find Henry Woolford If there is a fee for this, please let me know. Thank you very much.

  6. Noma Johnson says:

    I am searching for my Great Great Grandparents. I know my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother and my Grandfather are buried in Gracelawn Cemetery and I am wondering if the names of my Great Grandfather’s Parents are listed on the Obituary or the Death Certificate?? My Great Grandfather and Grandmother’s names are J. E. ANGELL and Lodeema (DEMA) ANGELL died in 1914 and 1910 and my Grandfather’s name was Arthur G. ANGELL, he died in 1910. If you have any information on my Great Great Grandparents, I would VERY MUCH APPRECIATE you emailing me the info!! Thank You so much, Noma Johnson 719-650-2746

  7. elaine milligan says:

    Looking for information on Crockett Mcdonald who died in 1874 and was the first one buried in grace cemetery. Hopeyou can help

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